Saturday, October 26, 2019

Reutov, Moscow and St.-Petersburg

Приветствовать (Welcome) 

Reutov, Moscow Oblast

Leningrad, St.-Petersburg, 
We are pleased to have you both visit our little corner of the world my new friends.
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Please always remember; questions are answered, even if the answer is
“I do not know so let us go see if we can find out”?
Come back and see us soon my friends?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Welcome to the 'World' (Mother Earth)

Today I notice that I am getting many hits on my last posting
Bernie Who?

With no comments?

Please always remember, I am human, so if or when I make a mistake please write?

I am always open for a friendly honest discussion and know that it is always better to be correct then wrong.

I, for now, stand by my knowledge of the family and my visits in and around Uncasvillage as the truth.

The thing that sticks out in my mind is the use on the word powwow in place of (Gathering)?

In our area of New England, our ancestors used powwow is a joke name to fool our Euro-American Invaders?


Just Asking?
Love You All
Shechaim Ohjieshan
“Don’t get scared, it’s your country, take it back”!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Democratic Debate tonight10/15/2019

I do not plan on staying up for this Democratic Debate tonight10/15/2019


I am sure with so many candidates,

I will not be hearing about each ones plans for me and my country and Mother Earth!


As usual the questions will be the same ones asked on each media for days.

If I were the candidates and was ask questions off subject, I would protest and talk the ill of this country and how I planned on fixing it!

This country, the world (Mother Earth), and I want to know the best next president

to get us out of the Cesspool of corruption forced on us since 2016!

Not Biden and Ukraine or Warren the new frontrunner or Sanders’ health or Impeachment

or the ones not there tonight!

Every time a democrat should be speaking on subject, how to help 'we the people, the media screws things up!!!

Friday, September 27, 2019

San Francisco, California

Welcome to the visitor from San Francisco, California-?
E.Ventures Management LLC-?
Ohjieshan’s Opinion
Native American interests plus a dedication to our
“Head Clan Mothers” 
(Objiasan Tah), 
If you have questions, I will try to answer?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Welcome to Midland, Ontario

Welcome to Midland, Ontario
America’s poorest states are republican
Saturday, July 27, 2019
Most of these poorest states are republican states
Well DUH!
Why else would anyone vote for the ‘trump party’ (ex- Republican Party)?
Three reasons to back a thing, 'the likes of trump'!
1-You drank so much or are a 'junkie' and you lost 98 or better % of your brain cells.
2-That thing, 'we call trump', is loading your pockets with our tax money!
3-or you are a Racistas Pendejos

Monday, September 16, 2019

Gator Football can now become Gator Football

Well let us see 
who will be their quarterback 
come this Saturday 
There is a football god in Gainesville Florida.
And this god is working on gator quarterbacks!
Not really
but I do wish to 
'Thank the Wildcat Defense' 
for getting 

Kyle Trask into the game!
The announcers on Sunday have 
'gone to the dark side' 
thinking that the 
'Wildcats were sleeping in the 4th quarter!
Their coach
would have been on them 'Big Time' if they even tried!
I am sorry that their 
(Gators team), 
horrible quarterback was injured;
I do not wish to see anyone harmed.
 he should still be in training in high school or wherever?
Anyone at the University of Florida must know that,
not only don’t the team respect him, they do not ever like him.
they were in 9th place but in spite of him not because of him.
The biggest mistake for the University of Florida made
was playing a quality team on the same day,
same channel

University of Central Florida played a quality team!
The 2nd half 
under a real quarterback 
the team came to life.
Kyle Trask (quarterback), has been showing their coaches 
his credentials for over three years?
Quarterback Emory Jones,
I am guessing will take over the number one spot, I believe to be just another mistake.
Quarterback Emory Jones is by far a better player than Franks, then again who isn’t?
Becca Longo would be my choice 
for quarterback of the gators 
over Franks or Jones.
the team the players and the University seem to likes
Quarterback Kyle Trask,
as anyone watching the game must by now know.
We'll see,
doing stupid things since 

'Quarter Back Tim Tebow',
seems to be the Norm!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Are Energy saving light bulbs healthy?

The only people harmed by reversing 
(President George Bush’s Light Bulb Regulation), 
are his followers, 
(White People)!
How/why you might ask me?
Thought you would never ask.
So far from people I have been talking too, 
Native Americans (including yours truly), African American 
and other 
indigenous people;
Those light bulbs are giving us massive headaches!
My White Neighbor's don’t seem to be effected?
Rump rolls back regulations on energy-saving light bulbs
In a move that could exacerbate climate change!
President George Bush’s Light Bulb Regulation
(((THANKS trump)))

Hope that you can keep bleeding those fossil fuel companies?

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Watch Am Joy today August 25th 2019?

While it is true that there are still a few
‘True to Christ Ministers’, they seem to be far and few between?
Two Radio and T.V. pastors come to mind.
Dr. Fred K.C. Price
Rev. William J. Barber II

There is nothing wrong with being ‘extremely rich’ as long as is comes from ‘The Well of God’


Joyce Meyer and the Word of Faith Ministry Leader for instance.

She has and still is paying her dues, while paying it forward.

It would seem that for every one, there are 25 trying to selling you ‘Snake oil’!

I am sure that my followers and readers can name their number, and for that I am pleased and pray for them.

Author Frank Schaeffer sounds like a ‘Basket Case’ and needs to be ‘Baker Acted’!


That is only because he is telling you the truth, screaming needs to be toned down some!

FULL AM JOY [10AM] 8/25/19
Today Aug 25, 2019
Trump calls American Jew
“Disloyal for voting Democrat”!

trump loves Israel’s prime minister for the same reason that in loves the Russian President, the promise of money in his pockets!

Frank Schaeffer the author of 
why am I an Atheist who believes in God?
Religious Reformer activist

Dr. Fred K.C. Price
Price founded the Crenshaw Christian Center in 1973 with 300 members, and now membership at the suburban Los Angeles church is reported to be more than 18,000. Price has led the church's growth through his radio and television broadcasts and through his books. In addition to education and outreach programs, the church, housed at the "FaithDome," established the Crenshaw Christian Center Ministry Training Institute. Price also founded the Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries to foster and spread the faith message among independent ministries located in urban metropolitan areas of the United States. Price's son Fred Price Jr. has taken over senior-pastor duties, while Price is the center's chairman of the board.

Rev. William J. Barber II

William J. Barber II is an American Protestant minister and political activist. He is a member of the national board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the chair of its Legislative Political Action Committee. Since 2006 he has been president of the NAACP's North Carolina state chapter, the largest in the Southern United States and the second-largest in the country. Barber has served as pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina since 1993

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Want to talk immigrants?

(Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Nicaragua

and many other communist countries)!

Because of a cabinet loaded with
'bankers, realtors, money sharks, and suck-ups'
and a 
'Federal Senate' run my a 'Money Crazed Millionaire' 
(Moscow Mitch).

We are losing the wars before they even start!

"trumps trade talks or lack there of"?

Well we still have many 
(trump tanks), 
missiles maybe?, 
and cap pistols 
to fight with for when they arrive!

Lord knows no self respecting 'corrupt person' will be handing over their 'assault rifles'!

For God Sake 
let’s give trump his crooked share of the money, 
before losing wars with our enemies!

First it was our ‘massive aircraft carriers’!
Now it is our 
‘Top Rated Submarines’,

what is this government doing to our 
‘Major Defenses’ against our known enemies?
The contract for the 10-ship

was supposed to be signed in April, 
but Navy and industry sources say that
there has been a lot of talk 
and little agreement 
between the service and the two shipbuilders,

Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Nicaragua,

and other communist countries
are forming at the mouth at wanting a piece of the war puzzle!

Ballistic missile (slbm), built by Lockheed martin space systems in Sunnyvale, California,


New space in Lockheed Martin Space Florida and Colorado are due to be completed by 2024.

However; if our boats and ships are not completed we might have to try launching them from "trumps tanks"!

We must dump any company that is stealing our tax money, as in

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Was Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith a hero?

Why Yes;
this is personal, read at the bottom of this post to understand why?

Black in Grey — Did Some African Americans Really Fight For the Confederacy?
Historians Say No!

'Human Slave Owner', 'Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith' was not born in Tavares Florida or Ocala Florida,

so why plant him there?

He was born in 'St. Augustine Florida', if you must plant him, plant him there?

Have you ever checked on his history?

Not his ‘problematic war record'!

Did he have ‘Human Slaves?

If so, how were they treated, what did they do to please a 'Southern Family'?

Not much can be found about his life outside of military, it is kept a secret?


Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smiths family have

Human Slaves?


'His father and Mother did.

Did Judge Joseph Lee Smith own 'human Slaves'?

Joseph Lee Smith (1776–1846)

Alexander Darnes

The son of slave Violet Pinkney,

was born in Smith's house at 12 Aviles St. in St. Augustine.

Darnes, who would remain in servitude to the end of the Civil War,

would become a celebrated and successful physician.

How did Alexander Darnes become a celebrated, successful physician?

The same way that Sabrina's father became a millionaire!

Remember the two movies (Sabrina film)?

1954 How did John Williams as Thomas Fairchild the butler become a millionaire?

1995 How did John Wood, as Fairchild the butler, become a millionaire?

(Edmund Smiths family came from a 'Rich New Britain, Hartford County', in Connecticut to Florida

and had 'Human Slaves'!

I came from a Native Village in  Connecticut

and some of my ancestors

were 'Human Slaves')!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Strangers made sure PFC Stanley Stoltz got proper burial

Hundreds of strangers attend funeral of Vietnam vet who had little family.
This, unfortunately, happens more times than I can talk about, ‘breaks my poor old heart’!
Strangers from all over made sure PFC Stanley Stoltz got proper burial he deserved
Aug 7, 2019
OMAHA, Neb. —
PFC Stanley Stoltz died in his nursing home in November 2018. With no family to make funeral arrangements for him, a social worker reached out to a local funeral home in Omaha to give him a proper burial. Michael Hoy, the funeral home director, put an ad in the paper asking people to attend -- but the response was far more than he or anyone could have anticipated. Watch the video above to see how hundreds of strangers went out of their way to honor Stoltz.
Thank-you WESH 2 news group Florida.


Reutov, Moscow and St.-Petersburg

Приветствовать (Welcome)  Reutov, Moscow Oblast and Leningrad, St.-Petersburg,  Russia h...