Sunday, October 31, 2021

"Tomahawk chop"

The Seminole’s are not even native to Florida!


The Seminole people emerged in a process of ethnogenesis 

from various Native American groups who settled in Spanish Florida beginning in the early 1700s,

 most significantly northern Muscogee Creeks from what is now Georgia and Alabama

Seminole - Wikipedia

The “War Chant” is not from a ‘Native American Tribe’!


Is an embarrassment to the ‘First People of the land’!


“There lies the rub”

And the only reason for a visit from the trump family!


It was the figment from the imagination of an FSU Professor in the 1950’s!


"Chief Osceola," along with his horse "Renegade" was the mascot for the Florida State University football team.


The real-life Osceola was not a chief, but rather a military leader during the Second Seminole War.

The person portraying Osceola in the image was not identified, but was not a Seminole Indian.


FSU Songs & Chants | Palm Beach County Seminole Club


You got to fight fight fight for FSU!

You got to scalp ‘em Seminoles!

You got to win win win win this game,

and roll on down to make those goals.

For FSU is on the warpath now,

and at the battle’s end she’s great.

So fight fight fight for victory.

The Seminoles of Florida State!










 Dehumanizing' and 'racist.' Native leaders decry Braves ...




Florida State Seminoles | Official Athletic Site | The War Chant


Dehumanizing' and 'racist.' Native leaders decry Braves ...




The Origin of the Tomahawk Chop | Uloop


Saturday, October 30, 2021

“I don't know where in the hell I belong,"


“I don't know where in the hell I belong,"

As an elder (1941), and a student of history and with the deepest respect of the United States Constitution


might I help our friend Senator Joe Manchin (1947), to learn just where he does belong?


Joe; my first opinion would be for you as with all elected officials of your country and your state would be to protect and serve your states citizens and the citizens of your country?


I have looked for many years into the readings our forefathers wrote into and the amendments to the United States Constitution Wikipedia and for the life of me I cannot find writing about you protecting your businesses (COAL), in our United States Constitution Wikipedia ?


"You think that having a D or an I or an R is going to change who I am?" he said. "I don't think the Rs would be any more happier with me than the Ds right now."

Joe Manchin might as well have "Democratic holdout" made part of his official title

"I'm totally out of sync with 48 other Democrats," Manchin told reporters at a dinner Monday night.

"I love them all. And I love all the Republicans. So I'm just trying to survive in a very, very, very divided Congress in a very divided country." 


Thursday, October 28, 2021

W. Virginia is called the Mountain State


W. Virginia is called the Mountain State not the Coal State!




Because of the Mountains ‘Well Duh’!


Does your government tell you about this free help?


$3.5 trillion of your tax money coming back out of the rich like your Senator Joe Manchin’s pockets and back into yours would come in handy for you and your family would it not?



Your senator is hoping to keep you in the dark until 2022 so he and his friends can get back in power over you and your pocketbooks!


So why not take advantage of ‘Mother Nature’ and her beautiful rich land?


How about ‘Free, Clean, available mother nature’s power source’?


How many of your highways (61, 64, 66, 70, 71, 76, 81, 99), does your government put money into your pockets with?


(NONE sound right)?


Does your W. Virginia ‘Senator Joe Manchin care about you?


Wake up my friends, if he did you would by now be at the top of the (Richest States in America), not at the bottom!


My point being; with free help from your federal government you could be going to free schooling or tech schools to build electric stations along each highway, electric vehicles to run on highways, repairing your roads, bridges and highways, tapping into your mountains free wind and free sun to build equipment to sell around the world, good clean jobs from free help from your federal government!


Does your government tell you about this free help?


Your senator is hoping to keep you in the dark until 2022 so he and his friends can get back in power over you and your pocketbooks!


How many coal companies are in W. Virginia?

Discover Coal Mining Companies in West Virginia - Dun & Bradstreet (

Joe Manchin’s Dirty Empire -

Joe Manchin has made millions from coal. His ties are now ...

Manchin Bailed Out Plant That Pays Millions to His …

Sen. Manchin Maintains Lucrative Ties to Family-Owned …

Joe Manchin’s Deep Corporate Ties | The New Yorker


By Chris Kolmar - Jun. 7, 2021

The 100 Largest Companies In West Virginia For 2021 – Zippia


$3.5 trillion of your tax money coming back out of the rich like your Senator Joe Manchin’s pockets and back into yours would come in handy for you and your family would it not?

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Canada's Highway of Tears


Indigenous Women Keep Vanishing on Canada's Highway of Tears

By: John Donovan  |  Oct 12, 2021

Sixteen years ago, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) opened an investigation surrounding nine women and girls who had gone missing or were found murdered along a desolate stretch of roadway in northern British Columbia. The effort was dubbed


 Project E-PANA,


RCMP in British Columbia - Project E-PANA (


 named for the goddess that the Inuit people of Canada believe cares for souls before they go to heaven or are reincarnated.

The number of women that the RCMP identified in its probe soon doubled, to 18, and to keep the numbers from climbing even higher, authorities placed criteria on who would be included on the list. They had to be women or girls, they had to be involved in high-risk activities like hitchhiking, and they had to be last seen — or their bodies found — within a mile or so of Highways 16, 97 or 5 in upper British Columbia.

Indigenous Women Keep Vanishing on Canada's Highway of Tears | HowStuffWorks


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Well did you miss this old warrior?

I have been in the V.A in Gainesville for the last few days taking a break. 

If this town, city, state, country or the world worked the way that this hospital worked and yes so many other hospitals in the world worked, what a better life we humans and our animals would have.


Nothing to serious lube job, tune-up and a change the battery, I feel like I beat ‘Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory' at becoming a robot, medal parts keeping me alive!


(I Joke my friends).


No big deal just to change out this old warriors Heart Defibrillator once again, this is number 4


Bottom line is that you will have to put up with me for at least another 8 to 12 years with this battery – sorry?


In that world I am proud to have spent around 20 hours in, I felt safe!


Once one steps out of your vehicle you find security guards protecting you and your vehicle in the parking lot, not mine my family would head back to the hotel and suit were I knew them to be safe.


Next if you are not wearing a mask you might just climb backing your vehicle because you are not getting into the building.


Everyone in that building is protected from (Stupid People)!


From this point on until you get back into your vehicle with someone else driving you, there will be no politics, no problem with race, religion, sex, color or T.V. Radio and Media to get you upset!


Walk over to the tent to let them know why you are there a 6:30am while you are being asked many question with someone checking your temperature.


I walk to the door turn and wave because I know that the family I love also loves me and will not leave until I am safely inside!


Once inside you get to meet volunteers there to help you get to your destination with whatever help required.


People leaving their shift, going in to their shift or there to help and greet you with a smile and a good morning!


I spent from 6:30 AM to 6:30PM in the waiting room with many people checking to be sure that I was O.K. because the Operating room would spend that time saving someone's life because of an accident at a CVS parking lot I understand?


No one would talk about it to not worry me.


He must be O.K. because they were wheeling him into the waiting room as I was on my way to the Operating room.


The Operating room was full of professionals running around doing their jobs like bees around the nest each one stopping for a second to see if I needed anything then on the way to their next job someplace in the room.


A room filled with people young, old, male, female, from different places in the military, I am sure different race, color, religion and political views in there only to care for me.


I never wanted to leave, God I Love My V.A.!


Thank-you my friends and followers for allowing me the brag on them!


Love you all


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

If you want to be president in 2024


Think about this CNN Suggestion today 10/12/2021?

How many citizens ‘undercover or not’ want the Republican Party Back?

If not the chances of you getting elected are slim to none!

However; by following a few of your Republican brothers and sisters and we both win.

Remember my friends I vote the best choice for our country.

If you want to be president in 2024 and you are a Republican think about this?

Think about this CNN Suggestion today 10/12/2021?

Long time Republicans that are eyeing the ‘Whitehouse’ might think about stacking the deck in 2022 by voting out the trump congress people scared to death of trump?

Because if you do not you will not ever get to be president!

US News – Top national stories and latest headlines - CNN


Saturday, October 9, 2021

I still wonder-What If?


What would your family, town, city, state, country, ‘Mother Earth’, and your life be like if the actual winner of the ‘Popular Vote in 2016’ was working in her oval officer for a better world for you and me?


Sorry 'President Joe Biden' and yes this home will always vote for you!


Think about 8 years of President Barrack Obama, 8 years of President Hillary Clinton and 8 years of President Joe Biden, there would be no ‘Poor States or Rich States’ there would only finely be a United States enjoying a good life and once again on top of the world and better yet ‘no corrupt governors’ to hold you and your family under their feet!


That said; for starters the COVIN Virus would by now be of minimal effect, there would be no insurrection on your Capital, our troops would not be in Afghanistan and with no pressure to get them out and no 13 of our military dead.


The president would have no need to go patch things up with ‘All of our ‘Friendly Countries’, and the trump republicans would have had no way to escape from their holes in the ground to foul up your media!


Millionaires and billionaires would not be spending your tax money building space ships to charge you for a few minutes floating in space because by now they would be taxed on their fair share and so many other things your president (President Joe Biden) is now trying to save you from as in corrupt politicians and their lobbyist now corrupting your Capital Building!


No high unemployment!


Few if any one being kicked out of their homes and apartments!


This countries work force would be hard at work by now building and/or repairing bridges, highways, roads, rail service and air travel.


This country would be capping oil and gas wells and turning fuel ships into the Smithsonian museum, because we would be building equipment to use free power from our friends the sun, wind, water and air!


While it is a good thing to have ‘Free Enterprise’ building the future of space they should be using their own money and not your taxes!


There would now already be a trump extremely tax write off for the rich to pay down!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Marie Yovanovitch needs to be in the presidents system

Marie Yovanovitch - Wikipedia

Marie Yovanovitch is an American diplomat who has previously served as a Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, as well as the United States Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Marie is also a member of the United States Foreign Service’s senior echelons.


You might remember her better as one of the first to not be corrupted by a ruthless leader!


trump removed Yovanovitch from her position as Ukraine’s ambassador.


Later, on Friday, November 15, 2019, she testified in a public hearing before the House of Representatives as part of the impeachment probe of trump and spent hours being harassed, insulted, abused and belittled by the trump republican controlled House of Representatives hearings!


 Marie Yovanovitch - Net Worth, Spouse, Biography - Famous ...


President Trump ordered the removal of the ambassador to Ukraine after months of complaints from allies outside the administration, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, that she was undermining him abroad and obstructing efforts to persuade Kyiv to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, according to people familiar with the matter.


The recall of Marie Yovanovitch in the spring has become a key point of interest in the House impeachment inquiry.


A whistleblower complaint by a CIA officer alleges the president solicited foreign interference in the 2020 elections by pressing Ukraine’s president in a July 25 call to pursue investigations, including into the activities of Mr. Biden, a Democrat who is running for president.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Oxymoron a figure of speech – (faith unfaithful kept him falsely true)


Sign found on a Florida Pickup Truck today?


Yet another time to confuse this old retired ‘Spiritual Teacher’?

How can a person any person be a Christian, a person one should assume reads their ‘Holy bible’ known to be called Jesus Christ the son of the Christian God the holy bible itself and also follow a person that the Holy Bible constantly condemns to hell?

John 1:1-3

(In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

He was with God in the beginning).

Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

If His name was Yeshua, why do we call Him Jesus ...

Oxymoron a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms 

appear in conjunction

 (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true).

(contradiction · contradiction in terms · self-contradiction · inconsistency · incongruity · anomaly · conflict · absurdity · oddity · enigma · puzzle · mystery · conundrum · antinomy)


You must buy more paper products!


Are you buying this propaganda being told from ‘Big Businesses?

This is just another distraction from the president’s wishes for your better lives and to get more money out of your pocket and into theirs!

The top 10 papers companies in the world and the USA is #2, are doing fine thank you so why the scare my friends?

The Top Pulp and Paper Producing Countries in the World - WorldAtlas

Next they will be telling you that your fuel prices must be increased because of their lackadaisical approach to protecting of their underwater piping of California coastline!

We must replace those old polluting crude oil and natural gas platforms with clean, clear, non polluting energy products now!

If your ‘Senators and House of Representatives don’t agree you must fire them!

They keep telling you that your prices must increase because of COVIN-19 and yet they keep fighting against any of the protection from this pandemic?


To get more money out of your pocket and into theirs!

Always remember my friends; everyone of them have been protecting their families, friends and themselves while asking you to obstane from all protection!


To get more money out of your pocket and into theirs!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

How many still refuse to take the medicine?


700,000 deaths

How many citizens of the United States still refuse to take the medicine?

The main reason why trump republican politicians do not wish to work with the Democrats is plain to see for yourself in the following picture.

Democrat voters are the ones not getting the shot!

Latest Data on COVID-19 Vaccinations by Race/Ethnicity | KFF

How many people refused to take the Spanish flu medicine?




News about Flags Of The 700,000 Covid-19 Deaths



Photograph by Stephen Wilkes White flags on the National Mall mark each of the more than 675,000 lives lost to COVID-19—which is has now overtaken the death toll of the 1918 flu pandemic. In September 2021, volunteers planted hundreds of thousands of flags as part of a memorial art installation in Washington, D.C.

In more than a year and a half since the first case was detected in Seattle, America’s death toll has climbed steadily. And those deaths continue to climb steadily even as more than half of the country has already been immunized with highly effective vaccines. (COVID-19 surpasses 1918 flu as deadliest pandemic in U.S. history.)





The 1918-19 Spanish Influenza Pandemic and Vaccine ...

Shame of those Christians not obeying their God by reading about their God the Son with the teacher of their spirit!


Christian leaders should always be men and women of “the Book”, ones who do not just read the Word but live it (James 1:22).


22 Interlinear · James 1:22 Commentaries

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"

Franklin D. Roosevelt,  "December 7th, 1941  A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"   420,000 American Deaths! Donald trumps “December...