Saturday, October 24, 2020

This is your country!

 McDonald trump likes to say, “I like the poorly educated”! “Why do you suppose McDonald trump keeps on saying that”? Because he knows that the ‘poorly educated just don’t get It’ while he keeps on taking from them to give to himself!

In a communistic country,

If you do not like your opponent you just kill your opponent!

Should we be content with becoming just another communist country?

President Putin of Russia

Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader of North Korea

Both are trumps heroes

Authorities said Alexander Hillel Treisman, who also went by the alias Alexander S. Theiss,

posted a meme online in April which included the caption,

“should I kill Joe Biden?”

Officials said that at one point, he ended up at a

Wendy’s restaurant within four miles of Biden’s home.

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — A 19-year-old man arrested earlier this year, after authorities found an abandoned van filled with guns, ammunition and explosives at a North Carolina bank, had plotted to kill Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, according to court records.

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Officials in Maryland on Wednesday said they arrested a 42-year-old man, James Dale Reed, on suspicion of threatening to kidnap and kill Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris.

Authorities said Reed also threatened supporters of the Democratic ticket.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Each time you see a trump campaign look behind him!


trump is back on the campaign trail again after a bout with the pandemic.

What do you see?

Is trump on the ‘campaign trail’ while still full of the ‘medicine allowing him’ to be on the ‘campaign trail’?

What is the Walter Reed hospital?

Riverside Walter Reed Hospital.

Riverside Walter Reed Hospital is a 67-bed acute care facility located in Gloucester, Virginia. With 24-hour emergency services, a 12,000 square foot Intensive Care Unit, a complete range of outpatient services, a highly professional, caring staff and more than 50 outstanding area physicians.,staff%20and%20more%20than%2050%20outstanding%20area%20physicians%2C

What do you see?

I see people that will not get the care that trump did, not even close!

What do you see?

I see ‘gullible sheep’ not being allowed to think for themselves!

What do you see?

I  see trump Pied Piper leading his followers to a ‘Russian roulette death’!

Remember the number of time ‘trump said’ that he wants to end the ‘healthcare program’!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Fetus cell?


Should a, could a, would a, – you be the judge?

After reading the post you might wonder as do I, is it or is it not a steroid made from a Fetus cell (sheep, or human)?

A pharmaceutical company hell bent on getting into your bank-account will never tell you!

It really does not matter to me however; it “darn tootin” should matter to anyone using it and for sure (All Evangelical Christians pushing to end ‘Roe v. Wade’ Must care)!

The experimental treatment for the coronavirus that trump took last week and which he has been touting as a miracle “cure” was developed using cells originally derived from fetal tissue, according to new reports.

“293Ts were used in testing the antibodies’ ability to neutralize the virus,” Alexandra Bowie, a spokeswoman for Regeneron, confirmed to the Times. “They weren’t used in any other way, and fetal tissue was not used in the research.”

The trump administration has previously condemned the practice, and, in June 2019 suspended federal funding for most new scientific research involving fetal tissue derived from abortions.

But in a video released on Wednesday, trump touted the cutting-edge treatment as a “cure” for COVID-19 and promised to provide it free to anyone who needed it.

The president was administered Regeneron’s cocktail of monoclonal antibodies — essentially man-made proteins that act like those naturally produced by the human immune system to fight viruses.

In order to test the potency of its antibodies, Regeneron made use of HEK 293T, a human cell line once derived from the tissue of an aborted fetus, according to the MIT Technology Review and The New York Times.

Regeneron applied for emergency use authorization of the antibody cocktail to the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday night.

The anti-viral drug remdesivir, which the president also received, was tested using the HEK 293T cells as well, according to the Times.

At least two companies racing to produce a coronavirus vaccine, Moderna and AstraZeneca, are also are using the cell line.

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