Monday, October 29, 2018

Why do Democrats not want Nancy Pelosi?

Would anyone please refresh my ‘poor old memory’?
Why do Democrats not want Nancy Pelosi?
If I wish to be protected from a large group of ‘Old White Republican Men’ 
Hell-Bent on digging into my wallet,

 I want a (Pissed off Female in charged every time)!
To fight the ‘goings on in your Whitehouse’ 
we need a
 ‘tenacious Italian 
Albemarle Street Baltimore, Maryland’,
 as in 
Nancy Pelosi!
Just what is it that Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did to make the country hate her so much?
She worked her life at helping you!

Nancy Pelosi has worked for you from diapers to Now!
Nancy Pelosi chosen again as House Democratic leader — but tally suggests deep division
By Paul Kane and Ed O'Keefe November 30, 2016
Nancy Biography
Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Care What You Think of Her. And She Isn’t Going Anywhere
 The Trump era has many Democrats in a panic, but Pelosi inhabits a more cheerful reality. She is convinced that America has hit bottom, has seen the error of its ways and is ready to put her back in charge.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

I want tickets to Hamilton the play

I want tickets to Hamilton the play 
would even take a couple 
from ‘Trump Fans, Ron DeSantis, Trump and anyone else offering !
The only thing that Ron DeSantis can say about
Mayor  Andrew Gillum 
is that he took tickets to the greatest play in a very long time 
from ‘undercover FBI Agents’, 
Give me a break Republicans!

Of course I am not talking about the number of unsubstantiated lies that Ron DeSantis and the republican party keep Vomiting!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

'White supremacists' threaten safety of her family!

I’m so depressed this morning!
After so many months of starting to believe that “I live in the ‘Racist state’ in the union"
In some states in this free country,if you are not ’White’ you are not ‘Human’!
1st black woman legislator in Vermont
 resigns after 
white supremacists
 threaten safety of her family!
‘Big, Bad, Bernie’s, State of Vermont came crashing back into "memories of my past”!
I keep forgetting who, what, and why, he keeps on getting elected in that state!
I am now forced to remember my three ‘White Mountains’ up north and 
I do not mean
‘Mother Nature Mountains’!

I mean the three ‘Racist’
 New England States 
hugging our 
Canadian Border!
I was under the misguided impression that New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine were only ‘White People' abusive to the Native American People
Florida,is only abusive to everyone not ‘White’!
I am sure that millions of people around the world 
can relate to the following?
Going from 
Connecticut, Rhode Island Massachusetts and New York
New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Florida
 is like going 
Disney Land to Trump Land!
If you need to know, thousands of trips around New England, with my native family at gatherings, powwows and reunions and Florida to care for mom and dad.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Adapting to a failed system is an age climate change!

Adapting to a failed system in an age of climate change
We Need Cities of Resistance:
Adaptation to Global Warming’s Cataclysms Is No Longer an Option
FlaglerLive | October 12, 2018
“We can no longer continue with the delusional planning
 that somehow doing ‘less bad or harm’ is sustainable.”
Adapting to a failed system in an age of climate change, as the devastation from Hurricane Michael attests, is failure, not adaptation.
Our nation spent more than
 on recovery from climate disasters last year.  
The historic barrage of hurricanes in 2017—
wiping out Puerto Rico’s and the U.S. Virgin Islands’ 
infrastructure, grinding the city of Houston to a stop, and placing Miami’s downtown streets under water—served as a brutal and costly reminder that our major cities along the coasts have reached a reckoning with the rising tide.
The old adage that a crisis is never a crisis until it is validated by disaster has become a reality for seventy percent of our cities already dealing with flooding, drought, fire and environmental decay.
Cities, towns and campuses can no longer champion the disingenuous framework of climate adaptation plans based on volunteer efforts to recycle, change light bulbs, eat less meat on Mondays or carpool with coworkers that willingly cross a bridge to the future that everyone now knows is on the verge of collapse.
This is the first step toward a regenerative city.
By building on Commoner’s landmark “four laws of ecology,” urban theorist and author
as a natural sequence in planning in an age of climate change.
 “The urban metabolism currently operates as an inefficient and wasteful linear input-output system,” Girardet posited in his groundbreaking work in cities in Europe, Australia, and around the globe. 
“It needs to be transformed into a resource-efficient circular system instead. The only way to overcome notions of ever-greater scarcity is for cities to continually regenerate the living systems on which they rely for their sustenance.”
Following this regenerative approach,
 reduced its carbon emissions by 20 percent from 2007 to 2013, and is on track to become the first carbon neutral city in the world. 
The city galvanized a boom in green jobs, developed walkable neighborhoods powered by solar energy, converted urban waste to compost and revamped local food markets. The city also planted three million trees to absorb carbon.
In an age of climate change, such a vision is not only an essential framework for a new climate resistance.
It may be our only option—for adaptation.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Welcome to Wilmington, Massachusetts

Welcome to our visitor from Wilmington, Massachusetts
To one of many of our posting about Smudging
Smudging the correct way
Yes your town and state should be very familiar with our culture and ceremonies.
Remember that all of the words written on the internet are not worth a hill of beans without the permission from your Creator!
If you are serious about tackling our culture, do not do so until you pray and pray until a blessing from your Creator to ‘get it right’ or it will be a useless gathering run by 
the ‘Trickster’!
Better for you to contact the closest elder for a run through to ‘Get It Right’!
A couple more to read if you are interested?
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