Sunday, March 10, 2019

What is a Christian?

What is a Christian?
As a 'Native Spiritual Teacher' on the internet, it is a right to know?
There are thousands of Christians preaching their religion.
There are almost as many Christian building preaching their religion.
There are also many Christian people in Christian Buildings preaching their version of a Christian.
The problem for people 'Not Christians' on 'Mother Earth' watching and hearing all of this preaching, is finding the reason for all of those preachers preaching Christian religion and what is Christian?
Some Christian Preacher
 ‘got it right.’
Some Christian Preachers
'Got it Wrong' and some still do'!
Following a leader, their leader president, 
so far off the teaching 
of their God 
And yet they follow like lambs to the slaughter!
Tim Tebow
 ‘got it right.’
So, for all of the ‘Spiritual Teachers’ out in this 'Never, Never Land' trying to help 'other non Christians' find out what being a Christian is?
Help us to understand what was, is and seems to always be the normal on the internet and in our courts?
According to their bible, the word of their god, it is simple.
Tim Tebow
The former Heisman Trophy winner, NFL quarterback, and now New York Mets minor league outfielder became popular with Christian sports fans and spectators for his outspoken faith and the way he displayed it during games, like kneeling in prayer in the end zone to celebrate a touchdown. Tebow has also written several books and supported philanthropic organizations like Cure International.
Many, many 
 'Christian Preachers out in 
'Never, Never Land'
‘got it wrong.’
Mike Huckabee
Pat Robertson
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Mike Pence
T.V. Evangelist
Jim Bakker 

Just to name a few of the many 
that got it wrong and are still getting it WRONG!
Following a leader,
 their leader president, 
so far off the teaching of their God
 is WRONG!

And yet they follow like lambs to the slaughter!

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