Thursday, April 1, 2021

Are you a wounded veteran?


I write this to my neighbor members of groups like the Poor Boys and member of the military or was a member of the military.

Are you a wounded veteran or a member of the ‘Wounded Warrior Society’ a family member of a wounded warrior or family member of a war deceased veteran while in the military, any military around the world?

How do you feel about a person in power that joins the 'military Reserves' of a country’ when impending war is imminent and/or when being drafted into that war seeks a medical deferment from the military in the place of joining?

Mitch McConnell and trump did both because of the Vietnam War!

My time in the military 1961 to 1967 people leaving the country and paying for a medical deferment just to get out of the war were called




People like Mitch McConnell and trump 

are called 'Politicians'?


Mitch McConnell with optic neuritis

trump with Bone Spurs

As Donald Trump Heads to Vietnam, Here's How He Used Bone Spurs to Avoid War, Military Service ( as tens of thousands of American men their age were drafted and died in war.


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